Myles of Hope is a non-profit 501C company that provides healthcare, education and support to the many families and children of Tabare, Haiti.  Myles of Hope came to fruition following the death of my son. Myles was born on May 30, 2005 and passed away on June 23, 2005. Following his death, my normally happy and bright life turned dark and depressing. My family couldn’t speak his name without tears and heartache. I wanted to honor Myles’ short life and give my family and friends permission to speak his name without fear of causing me pain. I wanted to associate his name with happiness and joy. As a Haitian- American, I decided to help the forgotten children in Haiti. I decided we could bring joy and hope from Myles away (hence the name Myles of Hope). We collect gently used children and women’s clothing, sandals and toiletries, to send to Haiti. I can playfully add, we have some of the best dressed children in Tabare, Haiti because of the generous donations made by friends of Myles of Hope! 
Myles of Hope Primary School opened  September of 2008. Our children ages range from 5- 14 yrs and the majority of them have never  attended school. We provide free tuition, books, uniforms and lunch. I believe the only way to help Haiti is through education. We must prepare the children to become productive citizens.
In January  of 2010, Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. Once the dust settle, we were then faced with new challenges. Eight months following the earthquake, we partnered with Baptist Healthcare System healthcare and went to Haiti on our first medical mission. The country was in turmoil and the community in despair. That first medical mission trip, our 5 member team was able to provide care for over three hundred patients in three days.   At that moment, Myles of Hope Medical Mission Project was born. With the help of a very dedicated  group of medical and non-medical professionals, every four  months we  return to Haiti to care for the poor and sick. From our first medical mission in August 2010 to our most recent medical mission February 11, 2016, we have provided care for over five thousand people. Yet, there is still so much more to be done.
Before the death of my beloved Myles, I used to love the sun shining and the birds singing in the morning. After his death, The sun didn’t shine as brightly, and I couldn’t hear the birds singing.  I thought life would never be the same.  My children were looking at me for guidance and I was broken. I knew there were some blessings in my pain but I couldn’t see it.  Starting Myles of Hope  has allowed me the opportunity to teach my children about compassion and humanity. I wanted them to know we have a choice to be better or bitter during times of adversities. I wanted to share that every road block is an opportunity to be better. My heart was not broken, it was broken open. My children now understand, the love we have for our little Myles will be the gift we share with the forgotten children in Haiti.

Margalie Augustin

          founder's message